Parhelia Omni-Stainer™ tissue staining techniques and tips

TIPS Tricks and Techniques2

At less than 1/10th of the price of comparable platforms – the Parhelia Omni-Stainer™ is the first affordable tissue autostaining platform designed for all! Its unique ability to process both slides and coverslips, at a fraction of the cost of manual staining and other autostainers, bridges the gap between research and clinical needs. As an open system, the Parhelia Omni-Stainer™ can be used to automate a variety of tissue staining techniques such as IHC, IF, H&E, CODEX, and RNA-FISH.

During this webinar, Yury Goltsev (int. CSO), will be taking us through the nitty, gritty practical details of setting up slide and coverslip samples for IHC, CODEX, RNA-FISH, IF and H&E stains. He will cover staining techniques, parameter optimizations for achieving the best staining results, as well as how to use the Parhelia StainWorks™ Software and code template for custom automated protocols.

Yury Goltsev, Co-Founder and Interim Chief Scientific Officer @Parhelia Biosciences, obtained a Masters of Science in Biophysics at the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, and a Ph.D. in molecular immunology at the Weizmann Institute of Science (Israel). He developed an interest in developmental and systems biology leading to a post-doc position with Prof. Mike Levine (UC Berkeley) before moving to his current position as a Senior Research Scientist focusing on single-cell transcriptomic and protein biomarker analysis with Prof. Garry Nolan in the Baxter Laboratories at Stanford. Yury is the author of a number of publications and patents in the fields of Immunology and Cancer Biology with a particular focus on advanced single-cell methods. He is one of the original co-inventors of the CODEX Technology, co-founder of AKOYA Biosciences, and a co-founder and co-inventor of the Parhelia Omni-Stainer™.

Webinar Replay is at this link