Automating Spatial Biology with Pushbutton Precision

Spatial Station

The Promise of Spatial Biology Has Not Been Fulfilled.

Spatial biology faces incredibly complex workflows, difficult multi-omic protocols, and limitations in access to resources that leads to slow throughput and challenges with variability.

Revolutionize your spatial research with us.

Our automated sample prep platform ensures reliable results no matter the chemistry or platform you use. Our mission is to make all advanced spatial technologies accessible to every lab, leading to breakthroughs and throughputs you never thought possible.


Heating + Cooling


Thermal module ranges from 0-99C to fit all protocols

Capillary Gap Staining

capillary staining

Complete flow uniformity with Spreader Wicks™, while minimizing staining volume (100uL)

Panel Mixing


Eliminate the need for individual manual tube handling with an all-in-one solution antibody mixing and storage

Verified Applications

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Panel Mixing Module


Stop worrying about data variability.
Start automating!

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