Making tissue auto-staining
accessible to all

  • Reproducible Results

  • Affordable Auto-Staining

  • Reagents and Time Saving

  • Simplifies Complex Multistep Protocols



Beautiful repeatable staining with low background for every sample, every time.



20x cheaper than the market leading solution with bonus reagent savings.



Easy bench top footprint to suit every lab.


Easy to use

Run complex tissue staining protocols at the push of a button.

Parhelia Omni-Stainer

Parhelia Omni-Stainer™

Compact, affordable, flexible and easy to use

The Parhelia Omni-Stainer™ can be used for manual or automated staining (compatible with most liquid handling robots, with or without thermal modules)

Omni-Stainer™ for Manual or Automated Staining

Omni-stainer C12
Omni-stainer S12
Automated Staining System
StainWorks Software

Parhelia Staining Solutions

Automated staining solutions for every technique


IF/Codex – Single or Multiplex Staining

Stain IHC

IHC – Reduce background, better data resolution

Stain H&E

H&E – Cleaner staining

Stain Codex + FISH

Codex/FISH – Complex protocols made easier


Opal – Reduced reagents and time


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Precision tissue staining every time at the push of a button

Coverslips and
Parhelia thirds img 500 x 600-Coverslips or Slides

We accommodate diverse laboratory and research needs, including slides or coverslip staining.

Custom protocol development

We can produce a custom protocol for your tissue staining solutions.


IHC, H&E, IF, CycIF, CODEX, IMC, CAS-FISH, RNAscope, FFPE antigen retrieval.

Parhelia thirds img 500 x 600 Manual or Automatic Staining

Our staining devices offer compact,  affordable, flexible and easy-to-use tissue staining automation for diagnostic labs and research facilities on a budget.

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Peace of mind of with reproducible results.

Parhelia icon clinical solutions

clinical solutions

We accommodate diverse laboratory and research needs, including slide or coverslip staining.

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knowledge & resources

We help small or underfunded research and diagnostic facilities.

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We are passionate about supporting academic research.

ParheliaBio Omni-Stainer™ offer clear benefits to our customers

Features Omni-Stainer™ Competitors
Stains slideYesYes
Easy adapted & implmemented for multi-step/custom protocolsYesNot always
Reagent-efficientsYesNot always

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