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Omni-Stainer™ S12 – Manual Operation Bundle


Omni-Stainer™ S12, Lid for manual operation, 4 support shelves, 10 Coverpads, predeveloped protocols and a 5 ml bottle of conditioning reagent
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The Omni-Stainer™ S12, Manual Operation Bundle includes an S12 Omni-Stainer™, 4 support shelves, lid for manual use, 10 Parhelia Biosciences’ proprietary Cover Pads, predeveloped protocols and a 5 ml bottle of Parhelia Biosciences’ conditioning reagent.

The S12 is to be used with Parhelia Biosciences’ proprietary Cover Pads sold in a 48 unit pack and standard glass slides (not included in the bundle).

Essential Addons:
You will need Cover Pads to use this product.
Please order – Cover Pads – 48 Pack

*Proprietary materials only for use with Omni-Stainer™ modules*

*Products that are sold for customer’s use or consumption may not be repackaged, resold, or redistributed in any manner without Parhelia Biosciences’ prior written consent.*

Essential Addons

You will need Coverpads to use this product.
Please order – Coverpads – 48 Pack