Announcing the Parhelia Spatial Station™

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Parhelia Biosciences Announces the Launch of the Parhelia Spatial Station™ – A Revolutionary Sample Prep System for Spatial Biology

SAN DIEGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Parhelia Biosciences, a leader in spatial biology automation, is excited to announce the launch of the Parhelia Spatial Station at the American Association for Cancer Research Conference—a next-generation sample preparation platform designed to revolutionize spatial biology through automation and pushbutton precision.

The launch of the Parhelia Spatial Station marks a critical advancement in spatial biology, which faces incredibly complex workflows, difficult multi-omic protocols, and limitations in access to resources that leads to slow throughput and challenges with variability. The research community has needed a universal platform tailored for sample prep automation across this diverse range of spatial biology assays, and the Parhelia Spatial Station has arrived to meet that demand and advance our understanding of spatial biology.

The Parhelia Spatial Station includes cutting-edge features such as automated dewaxing and antigen retrieval, customizable panel mixing, and support for multi-omics applications. This platform enables scientists to gain unparalleled control and create precision high-plex antibody panels; reduce manual pipetting errors and variability, and integrate multi-omics applications for a deeper understanding of critical samples. The Parhelia Spatial Station hosts a number of “smart” features like a user-friendly touchscreen interface for streamlined protocol editing and execution, profile security and management, liquid detection, automated pipette and gantry calibration, waste removal, and autodetection of labware to reduce bottlenecks and human error.

“We recognize the growing need for precision and efficiency in spatial biology,” said Nikolay Samusik, Co-founder and CEO of Parhelia. “With the Parhelia Spatial Station, we’re delivering a solution that will accelerate research by automating the intricacies of sample prep—a task that, until now, has been a significant limitation for many scientists.”

Parhelia Biosciences is committed to enabling innovation in biotech research and accelerating the true potential of spatial biology.

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