Earth Day 2024

Earth Day 2024

Parhelia Biosciences’ Stride Towards Sustainability: Introducing Glass Recycling and Non-Toxic Dewaxing

In the heart of innovation, where science meets responsibility, Parhelia Biosciences stands out as a beacon of sustainability. Today on Earth Day, we are thrilled to introduce our new recycling program for our glass chamfered coverpads and our revolutionary nontoxic dewaxing reagent. Our commitment to the environment extends beyond rhetoric; it is etched into the very fabric of our operations.

The Plight Against Plastic in Sample Preparation

Laboratory researchers and biotech professionals know the significant environmental footprint left by plastic consumables. At Parhelia Biosciences, we are dedicated to showing that plastic is not the sole contender for sample prep materials. Our alternative is both viable and earth-friendly, ensuring that the scientific pursuit of knowledge does not come at the cost of our planet’s health.

Glass Chamfered Coverpads: A Sustainable Shift

Our new glass chamfered coverpads are a testament to our mission. Offering superior quality without the environmental toll of plastic, these recyclable alternatives are transforming how laboratories approach sample preparation.

Key Benefits:

  • 100% Recyclable: Crafted to be reused and recycled, reducing landfill waste and resource consumption.
  • Enhanced Clarity: Providing an unobstructed view for visual examination with remarkable optical quality.
  • Durability: A sturdy and reliable option engineered for various research applications.

At Parhelia, we understand the importance of creating sustainable lab practices, and this initiative serves as a milestone in eco-conscious innovation.

Recycling Program:

  1. When you have used up your whole box of glass chamfered coverpads, go to (link) to fill out a form to receive a shipping label.
  2. Clean your coverpads with 70% ethanol
  3. Place the cleaned coverpads back into their box
  4. Seal and ship back to the Parhelia Biosciences office with the pre-paid label.

Parhelia Dewax: A Non-toxic Triumph

Parhelia dewax shatters the status quo in a league of its own, shedding the traditional use of xylenes, known for their toxicity and harsh environmental impact. Instead, we deliver a first-in-class, nontoxic alternative that significantly reduces laboratory hazards without compromising performance.

Key Benefits:

  • Non-toxic: Pioneering a safer work environment by eliminating OSHA exposure limits associated with xylenes.
  • Superior Performance: Achieving exceptional dewaxing results, matching or surpassing conventional methods.
  • Eco-friendly: Reducing hazardous chemical waste and promoting greener laboratory practices.

This innovative dewaxing reagent is not just a product but a statement—a clear message that the biotech industry can achieve high performance while adhering to sustainable practices.

Setting the Sustainable Example

Parhelia Biosciences is not merely adjusting to a trend but actively setting the pace for ecological responsibility within the biotech sector. Our initiatives serve as an example for other entities, confirming that sustainable efforts in the lab are not only possible but also preferable.

Join us as we continue to push boundaries, redefine norms, and champion eco-conscious advancements in biotechnology. After all, in the quest for knowledge and discovery, we must not forget the planet that fosters our very existence.