Opentrons Interview with Parhelia Biosciences


In 2021, Parhelia Biosciences were proud to release our Early Adopter tissue staining device called the PAR2, a predecessor to the Omni-Stainer™ instrument released in 2022.

At the time of the release, the Parhelia Biosciences founders investigated several different liquid handling devices and determined that the open format of the Opentrons OT-2 liquid handling robot worked really well with the PAR2 device.  From there a beautiful partnership was formed.

This article written in May 2021 by Opentrons is an interview with the Parhelia Founders, Yury Goltsev and Nikolay Samusik , detailing their thoughts on using the OT-2 with the PAR2 tissue staining prototype.  They have used this combination to solve the following problems commonly found with tissue staining:

  • Automating complex CODEX staining protocols
  • Automating antigen retrieval for FFPE IHC protocols
  • Run temperature controlled heating and cooling experiments
  • Contained all media and reagents within the OT-2 device
  • Offering an accessible and affordable automated tissue staining solution

The full article can be found at this link