Parhelia Biosciences Omni-Stainer™ Launch Webinar


Parhelia Biosciences are so pleased to be launching our new range of Omni-Stainer™ tissue staining instruments designed specifically to offer an affordable autostaining solution for complicated protocols such as CODEX or multiplex staining.   

As scientists we noted the following issues

  • Working up new staining techniques can take between 2-9 months with many labs dropping these complicated protocols due to a lack of personnel skills.
  • Current automated staining options have very large footprints as well so we wanted something that was compact and inexpensive.
  • Reagent usage can be significantly reduced by automating the tissue staining process

We wanted to make a simple, affordable solution for autostaining that can also help save reagents, be easy to use and have the footprint of a 96-well plate.

In this webinar, Parhelia’s CEO Nikolay Samusik introduces the brand-new lineup of Omni-Stainer devices, covers various assays that can be automated using Omni-stainer, explains the cost benefits and showcases StainWorks software for staining protocol management and customization.