Something New is on the Horizon to
Revolutionize Spatial Biology

The promise of spatial biology has not been fulfilled.

Join us in our mission to deliver on the promise of spatial biology platforms and
make cutting-edge spatial technologies accessible to all on one station.

Stop wasting valuable resources and
samples with variable sample prep.

Revolutionize your spatial research with us.

Our automated sample prep platform ensures reliable results no matter the chemistry or platform you use. Our mission is to make all advanced spatial technologies accessible to every lab, leading to breakthroughs and throughputs you never thought possible.

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Stop worrying about data variability. Start automating.

  • Are you struggling with where to start with a new spatial biology instrument/protocol?
  • Is the cost of preparing samples for your spatial biology workflow getting higher and higher?
  • Are you worried about continuing the research of your lab with new grads/post-docs?
  • Struggling to learn how that one lab is able to push out such defensible data?
  • Were you promised that spatial biology will be just as easy as flow cytometry?

We are scientists who saw what was being offered to you in spatial biology...enough is enough.

We are on your side to bring a revolution to spatial biology.

Things are really happening!