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"One common feature of all these technologies is that they have complex workflows with multi-step sample preparation and staining or probe application protocols." Dr. Noemi Kedei.

This webinar on spatial workflow automation focuses on the core challenges facing spatial biology and multi-omic researchers. The increasing number of spatial assays, with their complex, multi-step procedures, has highlighted the need for automation to streamline efficiency and minimize variability. A particularly poignant notion discussed was how the latest automation technology could significantly enhance the integration of these complex assays into existing research pipelines.

Presenter Dr. Noemi Kedei emphasizes the need to automate multi-step protocols, such as sample preparation and the application of multiple stains, to expedite the process and reduce the potential for human errors and variability. The application of automation was a central theme, not just for current efficiency gains but also to enable the seamless integration of newer, more advanced features into these essential spatial assay workflows.

Learn how this innovative technology can improve your lab's workflow efficiency and enhance assay consistency with its unmatched capabilities.

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